NutriSlim - The Story about Plumeria

‘A tiny little seed, after being baptized by five senses, absorbs nutrients and blooms into a dignified and elegant Plumeria.’

“The flower language of Plumeria is to give birth to hope, renaissance and rebirth. NutriSlim wishes our guests can be like Plumeria, even when facing confusion and challenges, still embrace the unknown and future. Even if you are frustrated, just go with the flow, fight against the trouble with optimistic. Looking forward to seeing you who put down your mask, pressure and trouble. Let us bring you to your heaven of peace and happiness, and to be your truest self.”

Being in an island in Thai enjoying the sunset on vacation, feel the holiday mood it brought you.
The gurgling water and soft piano sound relax your fatigued nerves and heal your mind.
Visited Thai traditional villages in person to choose the best Citronella. Provide you the refreshing lemongrass tea.
Roaming in a sea of White Camellia and Ginger Lily, immerse yourself into a hint of light and sweet taste with the accompany of the calm and enjoyable elegant sense.
Professional Thai masseurs use gentle and penetrating feminine massage techniques, with the rhythm pushes forward and backward like sea waves. Thai royal massage reduces swelling and relaxes muscle.