Body Care
Body Care
The eternal beauty of health comes from self-exploration, understanding and feeling.

How to pursue the beauty that suits you? How can I make myself more comfortable?

The definition of beauty is rich, ever-changing, and inclusive. It is simple, to accept oneself, presenting the most primitive beauty and the only beauty that will not fade.
I Am My Own Sunshine: Belly Candle

Through the chimney effect caused by the heat generated by burning the candle and the external muscle and acupressure stimulation, the abdominal muscles and internal organs are relaxed and the entire abdominal energy is driven

Scrubbing in Lavender Beach

Scent of lavender & Coconut Milk blended with soft Thai style massage techniques is perfectly exfoliating the skin, soothing the tired and agitating body and mind, and reviving the smooth and ultra-bright skin.

Sculpture In The Process

Stimulate subcutaneous fat cells and tissues with deep oscillation technology to enhance fat decomposition and consumption, promote lymphatic and blood circulation, reshape your body to perfection and reveal your original youthful glow!

Loose Me More: Ear Candle

Drawing out impurities and relieving pressure in the head and sinuses for balancing and harmonising the different energy fields of the body.

Lasting Appeal

A series of manual techniques and instruments for pressing the lymph under the armpit, dredging the breast and stimulating the chest acupuncture points to stimulate the factors of self-growth and achieve a plump and smooth breast posture.