Body Massage
"Dai" medical theory believes that the four elements are constructed in the natural world as well as in the human body. The balance of the four makes the body healthy, and the unbalanced person gets sick. The four elements are affected by climate, diet, psychological factors, genetics, allergic reactions and the environment. Once it is out of balance, the bile, wind (vigor) and mucus (phlegm) in the body are out of balance and cause pathogens. NutriSlim is committed to inheriting the traditional health regimen, through herbal therapy, the use of essential oils and the stimulation of Thai massage to achieve the perfect balance of the four elements. The four elements are the cornerstones of health, and balance is the link between the body and mind, and the body and mind are satisfied.
Forest balsam
Forest balsam
Warm jasmine to Relieve Stress
With smooth rhythm and warm Thai herbal essential oils, using forearms and elbows to apply pressure from shallow to deep; promote metabolism, reduce lactic acid accumulation, stimulate light smell, calm emotions, and refreshment. Improving the balance of earth and fire elements.
Lymphatic massage with Orange Blossom Essence
Gentle lymphatic massage can not only promote the adjustment of circulation and metabolism, improve the problem of edema, but also completely relieve the over-tightened muscles of the whole body due to stress. It can improve sleep, relieve dizziness and headache, increase blood oxygen , increase blood supply to the heart, and reduce possibility of catching a cold, improve immunity. Improving the balance of ground, water and fire elements.
This treatment combines the essence of Swedish massage and Thai aromatherapy, using essential oils to give body relaxation, strengthen blood circulation, relieve stress, reset the rhythm, and explore a free and easy pace. Improving the balance of wind and fire elements.
Siamese Wisdom
Siamese Wisdom
Classical Thai massage
Gentle pressing combined with shaking and yoga stretching exercises extend a certain strength to the depths of the muscles, improve muscle blood circulation, promote the excretion of creatine and other metabolites, regulate the movement of human blood (wind element), and increase the movement of the spleen and stomach. To achieve the effect of muscle relaxation (earth element), relieve fatigue. Improving the balance of wind and earth elements.
Traditional wisdom - herbal ball to Relieve Stress
Emphasizes the combination of Thai herbal medicine wisdom and massage techniques to achieve relaxation of the body, mind, and soul. The traditional hand massage herbal ball is used to relax muscles (earth elements) by soft pushing. The herbal ball combined with lymphatic massage can not only effectively exfoliate the skin, but also promote lymph. And blood circulation (water element), relieve skin soreness and tension (earth element), promote blood circulation in the body (wind element), and achieve the effect of calming the soul. Improving the balance of earth, water and wind elements.
Island Trip
Island Trip
Tropical Coconut Festival
With the excellent penetration of organic coconut essence, combined with the royal massage technique, coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, which can slow down skin aging, replenish the natural oils of the skin, and have the effect of moisturizing the skin, providing deep relaxation. You can also feel the style of tropical countires even staying in the city. Improving the balance of earth and water elements.
Island Getaway - Dream Limited Massage
Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean. The gentle essential oils gently massage from head to toe, soothe your emotions and soul, and re-awaken your soul. Improving the balance of fire and wind elements.
Earth Spirit
Earth Spirit
Gems of the Earth - Hot Stone Massage
Through the mineral energy of the hot stone, combined with smooth relaxing massage techniques, it activates the energy source in the body, releases the tension in the collapsed muscles, accelerates blood circulation, and removes skin toxins. Improving the balance of water, fire and earth elements.
Rose Salt Hot Stone Massage
Combining with warm Himalayan rock for deep massage, with the ingenious techniques of the Thai royal family to relieve your muscle fatigue and fullness, dredge the air knots, and have the effect of exfoliating, so that you can relax and completely relax. Improving the balance of earth, water and wind elements.